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Hours of operation Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm till 5:00pm
Special group tours can be arranged by calling Monday - Thursday 9AM - 2PM - 704.825.4848
Located at 40 Catawba Street, Belmont NC - 704.825.4848 - PO BOX 244 Belmont NC 28012
Handicap parking in the rear of the facility. Ramp access at the rear.
Admission is FREE but we could use your donation.

Our motto is "Preserving the past for the sake of the future". The Belmont Historical Society, Inc. (BHS) is dedicated to preserving the history of the city of Belmont NC and its immediate surrounding area. The BHS is recording the places, the people, and the times from the past that have made Belmont the community that it is. The BHS, Inc. traces Belmont from the early days, even before Garibaldi, through the years as a textile manufacturing giant, to the current days of a growing community of interesting people and places. Belmont NC has a well documented history via the written word from several books, photographs and stories passed on by word of mouth. Some not yet captured for the citizens of the future. Come in to see the HUGE collection of photos, videos, books and artifacts collected from citizens of Belmont.

The BHS Inc. is currently housed in the former RL Stowe home at 40 Catawba Street, Belmont NC. Believed to be the Third home built in Belmont.

The BHS continuing efforts will be to educate our citizens about Belmont's heritage, provide a place and resources for research, and have programs to help all our citizens gain more knowledge of the history of Belmont.

Our Projects page will tell a story and show completed, current and future projects. Please volunteer to help, either with your time, materials, or your monetary donations.

Please see our Announcements page to understand when and where our next MAJOR gathering/event will be.

The Board of Directors page lists the members who are currently serving on our Board.

The Membership page lets you know how you can become a member and contribute .

Donations are Tax Deductible and can be made to Belmont Historical Society, PO BOX 244, Belmont NC, 28012.

Belmont Historical Society is a non-profit organization supported by grants, donations and volunteers. We could use your help.

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